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The international delivery service you’ve always wanted. Receive your shipment easier, faster, and more efficiently with our “Shop, Drop & Ship” service. Shop online and buy products from America (USA), Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe as a consumer or business.

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  1. Click on My5999 in the menu and create an account.

  2. Enter your information.

  3. Receive your Client – PO Box.

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Shop online at your favorite stores!


"Drop & Ship”

Use our local hubs to receive and forward your package(s) to its destination.


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Your package has arrived. You can choose “Pickup” at our desk or for home “Delivery”

Ready to Shop, Drop & Ship?

All you need is a 5999Cargo Customer Number to have direct access to your 5999Cargo addresses.

wij concurreren op service!

5999Cargo has the fastest network, resources, dedication and experience to ship from the Americas (USA), Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe faster, reliably and affordably. We give our members access to thousands of online stores and take the worry of international shipping off their hands.


Shop Online in stores from America, Latin America, The Caribbean or Europe


Shop Fast, Reliable & Affordable


Shop Stress-free! We take care of your shipment

What do we offer?

Personal Shoppers

Can’t find a product or don’t know where to look for it? 5999Cargo is happy to help you find your product!

(Ask for the conditions)

pickup & Delivery

Package too large for a regular shipment? No problem!

5999Cargo collects your package directly from the supplier and forwards it to you in the most efficient way.

(Ask for the conditions)


Do you want extra security for shipping? 5999Cargo is happy to help you on your way with insurance.

(Ask for the conditions)

Do you have a shipment and do you want a Express shipment


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