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Still not fast enough for you? No worries, 5999cargo Express has Sameday services in store for you as well.

A courier will pick up your parcel with his van or truck, and take it where it needs to be on the very same day. Even in the case of an international destination, we do our utmost to get your shipment to its destination the same day or the day after valid only for US and European Destination.

With 5999cargo your express shipment simply boards the first possible flight. Or even better: our courier holds on to your precious parcel and takes it aboard the first possible commercial flight!


5999Cargo Express understands exactly what’s at stake when the clock is ticking. That’s why we proudly announce Our popular end of day service offers reliable and cost-effective door-to-door delivery for your important business documents and parcels to any address within your country borders.

Combined with our renowned handling expertise for the safest delivery service, 5999Cargo and 5999Cargo Express is available with a same day pickup and delivery. Rest assured that your delivery will be tracked throughout the course of its journey and proof of delivery will be available. So, when your business needs it there by tomorrow you can rely on 5999cargo Express to make the delivery on time.

a domestic pickup and door-to-door delivery service for documents and parcels to key business cities by 18:00 hrs on the next possible business day within national borders.

5999cargo EXPRESS provides a reliable option for almost any size, shape and weight  of shipment.


Time specific delivery promise

•             Latest possible pickup times

•             Online, real time tracking

•             Standard shipment handling

•             Shipment Tracking

•             An end of day delivery promise


It once used to be a rather strange acronym, but ‘ASAP’ now sounds as familiar as any other word. This familiarity obviously ties in with our obsession with speed, especially in a business context. And courier companies are more than happy to oblige. Yet in some cases, even does not suffice. Sometimes you want your express shipment delivered by a specific time. An express delivery service allows you to do just that.


 Though 5999cargo Express delivers parcels and letters, we are not your average mail company. After all, we specialize in express deliveries. Whatever we do, we want to do it fast: it’s in our company . So if you want your shipment to make it do its destination in a blink of an eye , we are the go-to choice. There are several options for 5999Cargo:

Time-critical deliveriesEXPRESS 9:00 / 12:00

You want to ship a valuable document or object to CARIBBEAN , EUROPE OR SOUTH AMERICA? And do you want it to arrive THE DAY AFTER? Our couriers will do whatever it takes to deliver your parcel by 5pm on the next possible business day.

We guarantees a delivery before 5pm on the next possible business day.

Every day brings something new, 5999Cargo Express offers a variety of optional services and handling options to meet your shipping needs.

 •Insurance: Additional financial protection based  on the value of the shipment.

•  Packaging: From free-of-charge standard flyers and envelopes to premium quality boxes of different shapes and sizes.

•Proof of delivery:  A copy of the signature collected at  the time of delivery.

•Proactive delivery notification: We can monitor where your shipment is from pickup to delivery and as soon as it is delivered, notify you by     fax or e-mail, whichever is more convenient.

•Remote Area Service: If you need 5999cargo Express to deliver your shipment to a remote part of the country,  that’s no obstacle for us. We’ll let you know what the options are.

Take advantage of these optional services. Because every business is Different, Your shipments are never out of sight. 5999Cargo Shipping Tools extend from simple online booking to sophisticated systems that integrate shipping with other business processes,   offering you the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

5999cargo Tracking Tools use advanced shipment event management technologies to ensure that you know where your shipment is at all times.

These tracking options are available to you free of charge:

• Website: Log on to Just select  tracking and enter the tracking  number of the   shipments you wish to track.

E-Mail: Send an e-mail containing up to tracking numbers to

• Tracking: You can also check shipments via any  WAP enabled GSM network including 3G mobile phones. 

Express Shipment can not be combined with any promotions going on.


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